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nBlocks is your gateway to access high-quality blockchain apps and games. Enjoy more secure crypto wallet and awesome DApps.

A blockchain playground engineered for everyone.

Get connected to Ethereum, EOS, Klaytn blockchain and get various tokens, manage your assets, play with high-quality apps and games run on the blockchain.

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Sign-In to nBlocks DApps with your Google and Facebook account just like every other app.

Encrypted key backup and restoreEmoji

Back up and restore all the keys at once. With Shamir's Secret Sharing, your funds are safe even if you lose one piece.

No Resource Shortage, No Gas Fees Emoji

EOS, Klaytn users can access nBlocks DApp features without resource shortage problem or Gas fee.

High-Quality Native AppsEmoji

Users can use or play official iOS, Android DApps and games developed on nBlocks platform freely.

Simple and Secure Blockchain Wallet, nBlocks

Your blockchain assets are secure with encrypted safe house developed by blockchain tech developer EOSeoul. Try it for free.

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Crypto tokens
nBlocks Hunt AR

nBlocks Hunt AR will allow users to find, get and share blockchain assets in the real-world location in a fun way.

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